10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers – 30th October 2020

Welcome to Issue 23 of Trending Projects your weekly snapshot of currently trending projects in the web development world.

1. Vanilla Todo

A case study on viable techniques for vanilla web development.

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Vanilla Todo

2. fullPage.js

A simple and easy to use library that creates fullscreen scrolling websites (also known as single page websites or onepage sites) and adds landscape sliders inside the sections of the site.

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3. Chakra UI

Chakra UI provides a set of accessible, reusable, and composable React components that make it super easy to create websites and apps.

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Chakra UI

4. Coding Interview University

Multi-month study plan for going from web developer (self-taught, no CS degree) to software engineer for a large company.

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Coding Interview University

5. Axios

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

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6. Webpack Boilerplate

Sensible webpack 5 boilerplate using Babel, PostCSS and Sass with a hot dev server and an optimized production build.

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Webpack Boilerplate

7. Pure bash bible

The goal of this book is to document commonly-known and lesser-known methods of doing various tasks using only built-in bash features.

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Pure bash bible

8. Egg

Born to build better enterprise frameworks and apps with Node.js & Koa

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9. Cypress example recipes

Various recipes for testing common scenarios with Cypress

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Cypress example recipes

10. Apache EChart

A powerful, interactive charting and data visualization library for browser

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Apache EChart

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