10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers – 4th December 2020

Welcome to Issue 28 of Trending Projects your weekly snapshot of currently trending projects in the web development world.

1. Super Tiny Icons

Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Icons are miniscule SVG versions of your favourite website and app logos

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Super Tiny Icons

2. Highlight.js

Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It works in the browser as well as on the server. It works with pretty much any markup, doesn’t depend on any framework, and has automatic language detection.

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3. jsPDF

Client-side JavaScript PDF generation for everyone.

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4. Cube.js

Cube.js is an open-source analytical API platform. It is primarily used to build internal business intelligence tools or add customer-facing analytics to existing applications.

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5. React Icons

Include popular icons in your React projects easily with react-icons, which utilizes ES6 imports that allows you to include only the icons that your project is using.

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React Icons

6. You-need-to-know-css

CSS tricks for web developers

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7. use-editable

A small React hook to turn elements into fully renderable & editable content surfaces, like code editors, using contenteditable (and magic)

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8. Atomic Layout

Atomic Layout is a spatial distribution library for React. It uses CSS Grid to define layout areas and render them as React components. This pattern encourages separation of elements and spacing, preventing contextual implementations and boosting maintenance of layouts.

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Atomic Layout

9. remove.bg API wrapper for Node.js

The awesome remove.bg API is quite easy to use, but it can always be easier – that’s where this package comes in.

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remove.bg API wrapper for Node.js

10. Front-End Checklist

The perfect Front-End Checklist for modern websites and meticulous developers

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Front-End Checklist

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