10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers – 8th January 2021

Welcome to Issue 33 of Trending Projects your weekly snapshot of currently trending projects in the web development world.

1. graphqurl

curl for GraphQL with autocomplete, subscriptions and GraphiQL. Also a dead-simple universal javascript GraphQL client.

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2. material-table

Datatable for React based on material-ui’s table with additional features

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3. Jest

A comprehensive JavaScript testing solution. Works out of the box for most JavaScript projects. Fast, interactive watch mode only runs test files related to changed files.

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4. React Virtualized

React components for efficiently rendering large lists and tabular data.

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React Virtualized

5. eleventy-high-performance-blog

A starter repository for building a blog with the Eleventy static site generator implementing a wide range of performance best practices.

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6. socket.io

Socket.IO enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication.

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7. Octotree

GitHub on steroids. Browser extension that enhances GitHub code review and exploration.

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8. deno-puppeteer

A port of puppeteer running on Deno

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9. react-remove-scroll

Disables scroll outside of children node. Removes and disables scroll in a “React” way

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10. Software Developer Folio

A clean, beautiful and responsive portfolio template for Developers.

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Software Developer Folio

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