10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers – 23rd April 2021

Welcome to Issue 48 of Trending Projects your weekly snapshot of currently trending projects in the web development world.

1. git-tips

Most commonly used git tips and tricks.

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2. Pkg

This command line interface enables you to package your Node.js project into an executable that can be run even on devices without Node.js installed.

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3. React & Redux in TypeScript – Complete Guide

The complete guide to static typing in “React & Redux” apps using TypeScript

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React & Redux in TypeScript – Complete Guide

4. React Kawaii

React Kawaii is a library of cute SVG illustrations (react components). Ideal if you want to give some cuteness and personality to your react application.

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React Kawaii

5. react-textarea-autosize

Drop-in replacement for the textarea component which automatically resizes textarea as content changes.

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6. JS Image Carver

Content-aware image resizer based on Seam Carving algorithm

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JS Image Carver

7. Awesome Deno

Curated list of awesome things related to Deno

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Awesome Deno

8. Howler.js

Javascript audio library for the modern web.

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9. party.js

A JavaScript library to brighten up your user’s site experience with visual effects!

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10. Choc UI

Prebuilt Chakra UI Higher Order Components

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Choc UI

Stargazing 📈

Top risers over last 7 days

  1. Coding Interview University +2,110 stars
  2. React Flow +1,904 stars
  3. Supabase +1,589 stars
  4. 30 seconds of code +1,525stars
  5. Clone Wars +1,031 stars

Top growth(% )over last 7 days

  1. React Flow +61%
  2. Simpler State +45%
  3. Supabase +21%
  4. Superplate +15.46%
  5. Clone Wars +11%

Top risers over last 30 days

  1. Coding Interview University +7,827 stars
  2. Clone Wars +4,717 stars
  3. Public APIs +4,522 stars
  4. JavaScript Algorithms +4,146 stars
  5. Free Programming Books +3,172 stars

Top growth(%) over last 30 days

  1. Appsmith +104%
  2. Simpler State +95%
  3. Clone Wars +85%
  4. React Flow +71%
  5. Headless UI +53%

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