10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers – 7th May 2021

Welcome to Issue 50 of Trending Projects your weekly snapshot of currently trending projects in the web development world.

1. Keystone

The most powerful headless CMS for Node.js — built with GraphQL and React

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2. Lit

Lit is a simple library for building fast, lightweight web components.

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3. Slick

The last carousel you’ll ever need

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4. Remix Icon

Open source neutral style icon system

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Remix Icon

5. Next.js Notion Starter Kit

Deploy your own Notion-powered website in minutes with Next.js and Vercel.

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Next.js Notion Starter Kit

6. Mantine

React components and hooks library with native dark theme support and focus on usability, accessibility and developer experience

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7. The Fuck

Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command.

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The Fuck

8. git curate

Peruse and delete git branches ergonomically

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git curate

9. Scribbletune

Create music with JavaScript. Use simple JavaScript Strings and Arrays to generate rhythms and musical patterns. Directly use the names of scales or chords in your code to get arrays which you can mash up using Array methods in ways you hadn’t imagined before!

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10. Replay

A React video player facilitating adaptive stream playback with custom UI and a React-friendly API.

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Stargazing 📈

Top risers over last 7 days

  1. Supabase +2,251 stars
  2. WinBox +1,127 stars
  3. JavaScript Algorithms +1,083 stars
  4. Public APIs +1,001 stars
  5. Supabase Realtime +830 stars

Top growth(% )over last 7 days

  1. WinBox +79%
  2. github-elements +40%
  3. Supabase Realtime +33%
  4. Supabase +23%
  5. Fig +21%

Top risers over last 30 days

  1. Coding Interview University +5,530 stars
  2. Public APIs +4,836 stars
  3. Web Developer Roadmap +4,619 stars
  4. Free Programming Books +4,564 stars
  5. Supabase +4,495 stars

Top growth(%) over last 30 days

  1. React Flow +85%
  2. callbag-jsx +72%
  3. SimpleR State +63%
  4. Supabase +61%
  5. Headless UI +55%

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