10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers – 23rd July 2021

Welcome to Issue 61 of Trending Projects your weekly snapshot of currently trending projects in the web development world.

1. Turf

Turf is a JavaScript library for spatial analysis. It includes traditional spatial operations, helper functions for creating GeoJSON data, and data classification and statistics tools.

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2. Fiddly

Create beautiful and simple HTML pages from your Readme.md files

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3. NProgress

Slim progress bars for Ajax’y applications. Inspired by Google, YouTube, and Medium

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4. useCookieConsent

React hook for managing GDPR cookie consent state.

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5. Ant Design Charts

A React chart library, based on G2Plot, G6, X6, L7.

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Ant Design Charts

6. Practical Cryptography for Developers

A modern practical book about cryptography for developers with code examples, covering core concepts like: hashes, MAC codes, symmetric ciphers and authenticated encryption.

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Practical Cryptography for Developers

7. JSbooks

JSbooks is a showcase of the bests free ebooks about Javascript.

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8. regexgen

Generate regular expressions that match a set of strings.

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9. Utopia

Utopia is an integrated design and development environment for React. It uses React code as the source of truth, and lets you make real time changes to components by editing it and using a suite of design tools.

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10. web3-react

A simple, maximally extensible, dependency minimized framework for building modern Ethereum dApps

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Stargazing 📈

Top risers over last 7 days

  1. Public APIs +3,021 stars
  2. Awesome-Selfhosted +1,104 stars
  3. Astro +977 stars
  4. Coding Interview University +967 stars
  5. Discord.js +754 stars

Top growth(% )over last 7 days

  1. use-color +37%
  2. Baileys +35%
  3. Astro +21%
  4. Leetcode Patterns +20%
  5. Fronts +19%

Top risers over last 30 days

  1. Public APIs +9,308 stars
  2. The Book Of Secret Knowledge +4,982 stars
  3. Web Development for Beginners +4,316 stars
  4. JavaScript Algorithms +4,018 stars
  5. 30 seconds of code +3,599 stars

Top growth(%) over last 30 days

  1. Security Scorecards +179%
  2. TypeState +152%
  3. Fullstack Boilerplate +146%
  4. SigNoz +106%
  5. Astro +93%

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