10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers – 6th August 2021

Welcome to Issue 63 of Trending Projects your weekly snapshot of currently trending projects in the web development world.

1. Radix Primitives

An open-source UI component library for building high-quality, accessible design systems and web apps.

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Radix Primitives

2. superset-ui

Collection of packages that power the Apache Superset UI, and can be used to craft custom data applications that leverage a Superset backend.

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3. Next.js Subscription Payments Starter

Clone, deploy, and fully customize a SaaS subscription application with Next.js.

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Next.js Subscription Payments Starter

4. Markdown PDF

Node module that converts Markdown files to PDFs.

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Markdown PDF

5. Bumbag

Build accessible & themeable React applications with your Bumbag

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6. Serverless Framework

Serverless Framework – Build web, mobile and IoT applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google CloudFunctions & more!

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Serverless Framework

7. Material-UI Treasury

A collection of ready-to-use components based on Material-UI

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Material-UI Treasury

8. Marked

A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed.

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9. nodemon

Monitor for any changes in your node.js application and automatically restart the server – perfect for development

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10. Highcharts

Highcharts JS is a JavaScript charting library based on SVG, with fallbacks to VML and canvas for old browsers.

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Stargazing 📈

Top risers over last 7 days

  1. Web Development for Beginners +1,797 stars
  2. Machine Learning for Beginners +1,793 stars
  3. Electron +1,433 stars
  4. Free Code Camp +1,174 stars
  5. Daisy UI +1,060 stars

Top growth(% )over last 7 days

  1. Daisy UI +38%
  2. html-to-image +35%
  3. accessibility-snippets +21%
  4. Welcome UI +16%
  5. Mammoth +15%

Top risers over last 30 days

  1. Public APIs +9,189 stars
  2. Machine Learning for Beginners +8,187 stars
  3. Coding Interview University +5,507 stars
  4. Free Programming Books +3,203 stars
  5. Web Development for Beginners +3,135 stars

Top growth(%) over last 30 days

  1. Fullstack Boilerplate +180%
  2. Machine Learning for Beginners +110%
  3. Fronts +110%
  4. Captain Stack +79%
  5. Astro +69%

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